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April 4, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

Airsoft Battle Enhancing Armor Retrofit Device | Popular Airsoft

Augh! It's too late for us to place an order as this one's only available for a day, which was yesterday, the 1st of April. Amazing piece of kit for the serious airsoft player from Ragpull and designed by Rogue Element... "Available for an Extremely Limited Time (April 1st ONLY), ...

March 30, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

LED Lenser Advanced Focus System | Popular Airsoft

Available now for your viewing pleasure at the eHobby Asia YouTube Channel is an explanation of the LED Lenser Advanced Focusing System (AFS). This is a patented technology by LED Lenser where it allows light focusing at different distances giving you better illumination.

March 12, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

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